Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Make Traditional Style Statement with Gujarati Sari, Know to Wear It!!!

When it comes to Gujarati Saris, they are colorful and bright. The beauty and the look of Gujarati sari are consummate. Gujarati style of sari brings out the best. It accentuates the beauty of women to a very high level. Gujarati Style sari can be worn in all occasion and it brings out the best in you. That is the reason we are giving you the simple step to drape Gujarati style sari.

Properly hold the sari, like fall of the sari facing towards you.

Now wrap the sari around your waist once and tuck it inside. The pallu of the sari must be             outside (Pallu –decorated side of the sari)

Once more you wrap the sari around you but do not tuck it in for the second time.

Make plates of 4 to 5 inches to the left of your belly button and tuck it in midriff.

Pin the plates with safety pins or you can go for designer sari brooch, it looks classy.

Drape the remaining sari, specifically the pallu around you, make plates and this is where the           typical Gujarati style come. Instead of common sari draping, take the pallu from left side to             right side.

Take the pallu around from the back over to the right shoulder and pin it up neatly leaving pleats hanging in the front. Now, pin the hanging pleats neatly on the left side of your waist.

Choosing Gujarati style sari for an occasion is the most fastidious job. Hope you do it in a best way and look fab in all occasion.

Lots Of LOVE <3
Mamata Patil


  1. Please also mention about the waist key ring or jhooda to be inserted on the waist as it is vital finishing touch to the beauty of the Gujarati saree attire. Not only it enhances the beauty of the saree clad woman, but if a very heavy ornament with a long wide hook is inserted over the edge of the pleats, it's hook, the inserted part, will press against the vital acupressure points, related to the throat, so that it remains clear of phlegm or mucous, thereby helping the woman to maintain a clear voice, and making it easier to clear (requiring less effort) if required.

    1. Thats a great information Prita. Thanks a lot, for sure I will write about it in my next blog post :)