Monday, May 12, 2014

Saree-A Timeless Traditional Wear For Every Woman, Know to Wear it!!!

How to wear saree is the most common question for all saree lovers. As saree is the most precious part of Indian Civilization. It is the most elegant attire for every woman. Not only Indian women, but also the women from all across the globe have been tempted to embrace this beautifying outfit at least once in their life. That is the reason here we are giving you simple steps to drape a saree.

·         If you are new beginner, start with a synthetic saree, as it is easy to drape and feels comfortable to wear.

·         Wear matching and correct size petticoat. Properly hold the saree, like fall of the saree facing towards you.

·         Now wrap the saree around your waist once and tuck it inside. The pallu of the saree must be outside (Pallu –decorated side of the saree)

·         Once more you wrap the saree around you but don’t tuck it in for the second time.

·         Make plates of 4 to 5 inches to the left of your belly button and tuck it in.

·         If you can’t handle the plates, better to pin it. Moreover, it looks good too.

·         Drape the remaining synthetic cloth, specifically the pallu around yourself from left to right and over your shoulder and pin it.

As we all know, most of the women love saree because, it brings out the exact shape of a woman, and makes to look sexy in saree. Saree creates the glamorous and unexplained look. Hope by this blog post you have learnt the easiest way to drape the saree and look fantastic in every occasion. As Sarees lend the ultimate grace, which cannot be matched by any other dress!!! What do you say???

Image source- Wikimedia

Lots of LOVE <3
Mamata Patil

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