Friday, June 20, 2014

The Gateway of God, Haridwar and Our Spiritual Adventure!

Haridwar- The Gateway of God. As we all know Haridwar is famous not only for Maa Ganga but also for its natural beauty and climate.In Sanskrit Hari means Vishnu or God and Dwar means Gateway or we can say in other words Gateway of God.

Sounds so strange, but after our wedding I and my hubby decided to go to Haridwar!!! After reaching Haridwar, we could feel the city and its spirituality.

The holy city Haridwar is having astonishing beauty of nature, and awe-inspiring religious fervor. The city truly #JodeyDilonKo

Here are few glimpse of Haridwar for you :)

On the streets of Haridwar

Colors of Haridwar

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Lots of Love <3
Mamata Patil

Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Beautiful Food!

 I am not the best cook, not even a good cook but I still love to cook. When I was in degree I started cooking and developed interest in cooking.

Here are few samples of my cooking. These dishes could not be more beautiful without Borosil cookware

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Lots Of Love <3
Mamata Patil

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Infinite Joy of Online Shopping With Part-2

Hello Guys, 

Hope you read my previous review 

Remember? I have placed the order for Stretch Metal belt with studded flower buckle. Limeroad delivered it on the very next day. 

I must say, the belt is just wonderful, truly in love with it. I strongly recommend you to go for it!!! I must appreciate the packing too :)  Just have a look

Wow, look at the belt, just wonderful. You can use this belt for dresses as well as sarees too, as it will give a very traditional look. Can't wait to wear it on saree :), you truly rock, what do you say?

My rating : 5/5 (Yes, yes- It is that great)

Buy this here
Do wait for my another review, coming up soon :)

Lots of Love <3
Mamata Patil

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Infinite Joy of Online Shopping With Part-1

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Sorry for the late post, I know you all will be waiting for my's review.

Here are the products which I ordered from
The Infinite Joy of Online Shopping With

You will not believe, all the three items, which I have ordered delivered in just 24 hours,  trust me!!! May be because their corporate office is in Gurgaon, anyhow they will deliver all the products on time, every time.

Excited to see the products? Here you go.

I have ordered laadylike purple dress

I just loved the packing

But did not like the material :( My over all rating for this product is 3.5/5

Lots of Love <3
Mamata Patil