Wednesday, February 10, 2016

#Impact of VG Women's College in My Life!

#Impact of VG Women's College in My Life!

Till now I have studied in two schools and three colleges, and learnt tons of really useful stuff, which makes my personal life and professional life much easier. But personally I feel glad to be a part of Smt Veeramma Gangasiri College for women, which is commonly popular as VG Womens College.

In Smt Veeramma Gangasiri College for women, I learnt so many things and missed few things too! What I missed in VG Womens college life was a computer and MS Office. I am always with the technology. I started my career at the age of 16 as a story writer in a local news paper, when I was 19, I was in local news channel as a news reader, at 20 I was a RJ, and at the age of 21 I was in State News Channel!!. I always wanted to grow with the technology, that’s why today I am in online media!

(Image Source-VG College)

But what I badly missed in a college was a computer and internet! As I was studying biotechnology, it was very important for me to be with the updated information, but unfortunately I could not offered a computer. Moreover, in 2009 for one hour internet used to cost 25 RS. That’s why only on weekends, I was supposed to use the internet and that too in a cyber cafes.

I studied in a V.G.Women’s College in Gulbarga, one of the best colleges for girls, I must say. My lectures helped all of us to grow in many ways, I thank my dad for allowing me to go for such a wonderful college and I am proud to be called as VG GIRL! As our college truly believed on women empowerment, they always gave us a change to participate in many competitions, including nation level biotech, nanotech conferences. I was quite challenging, but I was interested. I won a competition in university level and got wonderful opportunity to represent not only my college, but also women’s university in South Zone competition in Calicut University Kerala. For me it was challenging, and I was supposed to present my nanotech research paper with the presentation, but I was not having computer, I went to a cyber zone to prepare a PowerPoint presentation. Honestly speaking, that idiot charged 10RS for one SLIDE!! I was not having any other option rather than giving it to him! Till today I regret for that!

As I used to participate in many competitions, computer and a MS PowerPoint was the basic necessity during my college days but I always missed that! Today I have my own laptop, and I create so many wonderful presentations for my clients and I am proud that I learnt it.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Upcoming #Peppy Phones-Hands On Futuristic Phones

Upcoming #Peppy Phones-Hands On Futuristic Phones

In this digital era, upcoming phones play an important role for the mobile users. Users are always in need to grab the upcoming mobile phones.  As we all know different users have different needs, moreover, even mobile companies are trying to reach the needs of the mobile users. The mobile manufacture companies keep updating themselves and create the most innovative models to allure the users. Brands like, upcoming AT&T phones, upcoming LG phones, upcoming Sprint phones create the buzz in market and anxiety in mobile users.

(PC-Mamata Patil)

As the brands announce about their upcoming mobile phones, users get curious to know more about the specification and features about the phones. As said “Customer is the King”, all the branded manufacturing mobile companies upcoming mobile phones are with advancement of technology in order to satisfy their kings and to compete in this highly advanced mobile arena. All popular brands like AT&T, LG, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Micromax, Apple etc are not lagging behind and coming up with new and innovative ideas to increase their sales.

All the upcoming mobile phones in 2013 are coming with hi-tech specification like high resolution cameras, 3D viewing experience, Social media integration, Wi-Fi connectivity via Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, touch screen display, games and list goes on, but most importantly advanced internet access. Additionally, another most important feature taken into consideration in developing latest phones is the software and hardware specification. Once the user get aware of the phone, which meets their requirements, they will curious to know when that mobile will launch in market, or order it in advance.

   The latest Upcoming mobile phones in 2013 are Micromax Canvas Tab P650, MTS Duet 2,    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE, HP Mobile Slate 7 Extreme, CCIT R928, Asus PadFone Infinity 2, Asus PadFone Infinity 2, Asus PadFone Infinity 2, CCIT ONE, CCIT A920, CCIT B7, CCIT Z3, LG Vu 3, Sunpad 6511,CCIT S4,    Wynncom G45, CCIT S4 Mini, CCIT C5, CCIT S40, Sunpad A111, Sunpad 9421, Sunpad A121, Sunpad 6541, CCIT V1, CCIT S5, Sunpad 6431, and  Sunpad 6521 .

In last few years we saw the revolutionary changes in mobile industry. So many mobiles were released with astonishing features meeting the user needs. Likewise, in 2013 also so many mobile companies are in plan to release their plethora of elating gadgets in store to offer the mobile users. The top brands mobile manufacturing companies like Nokia, Samsung, Micromax, Sony Ericsson, Apply, and Blackberry are continuously introducing their upcoming mobile phones to survive in the unbeatable competition. Let’s wait and watch, who wins the battle in mobile industry!!!
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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Tips and Benefits of Buying #Fantastico Online Life Insurance in India

Tips and Benefits of Buying #Fantastico Online Life Insurance in India

As we all know, we are in digital era and what could be the best way to be up-to-date rather than adopting the latest benefits. So, more and more people are opting for the online life insurance as it has several benefits. Number of online life insurance companies provides free quotes online. Moreover, buying insurance online is just like buying it from an agent. You can even get the detailed information and make purchase after talking to the insurance agent.
Just browse through internet and get information about several quotes before deciding upon, which type of life insurance you really want to buy. In-addition you can even get a discount on buying the insurance online, as the many companies give offers to their customers. One can save one commission, which would have given to an agent, while buying the offline insurance! You can get each and every information about premium term life insurance quote online whenever you want to get it. Most importantly, no need to get appointments with any agent to get information about the rates, you just brows, take a note and decide!
To get the best benefits, first one should check out the premium quotes, which are offered by the companies, then take your time and decide that, which one suits your requirements the most. It may take some time, but you should see that you can get the worth of your time spent.  
Many companies provide the consultancy services of agents, where customers can get queries solved. As the trend of Online Insurance in India, is catching up very fast and many people are utilizing this services. There are millions of people in India, who are opting for online insurance policies. One should aware of the amount of coverage, which is required by you and the type of term policy you need. But one must follow certain rules before investing so much many into that.
  • Before blindly trusting anybody, make sure that the online life insurance website itself is legitimate. Look at, whether all the pages are professionally designed and have the clear, proper contact information. Check all the testimonials make sure they sound authentic to you and not just bluffing or simply thrown alongside!
  • If you are patient of diabetic, a chain smoker, or suffered from heart stroke, then you need special consideration as these are the special cases. So, find the best insurance companies, which are treating these cases uniquely.
  • Review the online life insurance quote. If the company is providing the customer support, talk to them. Make sure they are telling the same, which is motioned on their website. Pay attention to the questions of the customer care executive, clear your doubts and toss some of your own questions to determine, whether to buy their policies or not.
  • Check whether their agents are telling the truth or they are just trained to talk like this! Look for more options before going to buy the insurance policy. A good agent will always ask you the basic information, such as are you a smoker? Or any recent or past medical issues. Without the basic information, there is no way the agent could effectively to determine your policy rates effectively. Moreover, ask him for the offers, as the other companies do.

As we all know there are numerous reasons to buy the online insurance policies, but you decide first why you really want to buy! If you are looking for a short time option to cover a loan protection, then go for term insurance, as it is the best option for you. Everyone look for lifelong protection and it is must for everybody to have insurance.
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Thinking of Vacation? Goa is the best Location! Goa #Navigation

Thinking of Vacation? Goa is the best Location! Goa #Navigation

There is nothing more special than spending some quality time with family. If you are planning to spend the happy time with family then there is no other place than Goa! It has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Every year, millions of people come here to enjoy their vacation with family and friends. People all across the globe go gaga behind Goa, only because of its silvery sand, beautiful sea, food, night life and at the last but not the least luxurious Goa Hotels. Hotels in Goa are always among the top charts, because of their amenities. They have all the facilities that will make the life of tourists tons of easy. There are many luxurious hotels, which are very close beach and give wonderful view of the beaches and the feelings of the tourists cannot be expressed in words.  

(Image Source- Wikipedia)
The amenities, which makes these hotels completely different from other hotels is the d├ęcor used. It is known that the decors that are being used in these hotels have been developed from the time of Portuguese. All the hotels in Goa have the pleasant inner atmosphere along with the world class services. Many hotels in Goa have the reflections of South India and Portuguese. You can even have the morning and evening walk in many hotels, which are surrounded by beautiful garden area. All the hotels in Goa will provide you the top most services. The room services will always there to help you. There is nothing makes you happy, refreshed than Spa after a long travel! Hope you agree too. Spa in Goa, which is highly preferred by the tourists all over the globe, moreover, many tourists would love to have once they reach the hotel. So, many hotels in Goa have this facility to help their customers.
Luxuries hotels in Goa have some special amenities, which make them distinct from others and from each other as well:
  • They have internet facility and Smart space
  • Provide room services, have beautiful Garden area, and Doctor on call to help you
  • Taxi services, separate vehicle service or on shared basis
  • Many hotels have travel assistance, live entertainment facility and Sight seeing
  • Beauty care and massage parlors
  • Pub and restaurant
  • Poolside sun bath, Laundry services and Children’s Play garden area
  • Car parking, ISD call and fax service and Baby cot on request
  • Payment through credit card
  • Events on the hotel and Beneficial schemes for the tourists
All these amenities in Goa hotels are as luxurious as possible. These are made easy only for the tourist satisfaction; so that they should not find any difficulty at the new place and can completely enjoy their vacation at the best possible way.  

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#Impact of NanoHealth in My Life!!!

NanoHealth, Preventing Pre-mature Deaths.

#Impact of NanoHealth in My Life!!!

In this digital era Chronic Diseases have become a terrifying subject for all ages and classes of people. Study says that, One in every four people living in a slum is either a diabetic or has Cardio-vascular condition and does not know about it. Two out of every three deaths that occur today across the world, is because of chronic disease such as Diabetes and Hypertension.

Before knowing about NanoHealth, I was not so worried about Chronic diseases. To me, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure were like very common disease and never ever imagined, they can be silent killers!

Do you know? More than 40% of people around the world suffer from one or more chronic health conditions such as Diabetes/Hypertension or Asthma resulting immense loss of productivity and innumerable premature deaths every year.

Now, if you ask me what are these chronic diseases? Chronic disease are long lasting diseases. They can be controlled, but not cured. Just think, if a person is suffering from a disease since a certain period of his life, and does not know about this. Definitely it can be dangerous for his life. The disease can damage him very slowly and silently and one day it can absolutely finish him!!!.

As we all know the most common Chronic diseases are diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, asthma, congestive heart failure, arthritis, cancer, hepatitis, obesity, osteoporosis, and depression etc.. The Chronic disease can be dangerous if it is kept unattended.

NanoHealth is a perfect place where one can get all the necessary information about the chronic diseases and the expert doctors network. NanoHealth has the community health workers called Saathis. 

These Saathis will help the people to identify the effect of the disease, and the control procedure of the disease. Saathis will help patients to take preventive steps before the disease become malignant.

NanoHealth increases the concern of the urban slum people about the management of chronic disease. While their NanoSafe plan triggering the factors always keep it in their mind that how the people could get the right information about the Chronic diseases.

NanoSafe plan has the proper noted for chronic diabetes and hypertension management. NanoHealth Saathis and doctors network will no doubt help the people lead a better life.

With the help of DOC-IN-A-BAG tool, the Saathi risk profiles patients for chronic diseases in a screening camp and guides them to a qualified  doctor in the vicinity for RIGHT treatment. After getting the right prescription from the doctor, compliance is ensured by NanoHealth’s NanoSafe plan.

(All Image source- NanoHealth)

Using innovative technology and a personal touch  of NANOSAFE plan, NanoHeath patients  get doorstep diagnostics, periodic counseling and monitoring. The entire journey is captured in an electronic personal health records. The NanoSafe Plan  helps in reducing overall medical costs by more than 50% and improves healthy life.

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