Tuesday, April 26, 2016

#StyleYourHoliday with

As we all know travelling is one of the most exciting experiences, which every individual must indulge in. Visiting new places, people and diving into new cultures is an integral part of travelling. Hence it becomes crucial for every traveller to style their holiday.

Guys, here is your chance to #StyleYourHoliday with I am hosting a contest, which is very exciting holiday and vacation themed scrapbook contest and you can win 500 Rs worth shopping credits.

All you need to do is, Follow these simple steps.
  • Register on LimeRoad Scrapbook. 
  • Select a holiday theme to create a look
  • Share it on Social networking channels
  • Share your scrapbook looks on facebook or twitter by tagging @limeroadcom with #StyleYourHoliday #MamataPatil

Simple isn't it? Hurry up! This contest closes midnight, 30th April!

Lots of LOVE <3
Mamata Patil

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Here is My Beautiful Food!

#100HappyDays- #Day4,  #DAY5 and #DAY6 Food - MY BEAUTIFUL FOOD :)
 1. Homemade Bhelpuri

2. Celebration time :) Payasam

3. Refreshing Lemon Tea

4. Happiness is having Lunch with husband :) Bihari style lunch

5. Sinful delight chocolate cake !Secret behind my sweetness :P

6. Home made vada pav

 7. Garma Garam Chai after having spicy vadapav

Lots of LOVE <3
Mamata Patil

SAP UI5 and Fiori Online Training at AMARMN.COM

#100HappyDays- #Day4 SAP UI5 and Fiori Online Training at AMARMN.COM

When it comes to web designing and web development, both are time taking factors to make more creative and interactive in the web. It is more time consuming process. But I must say my husband is genius! he has created the website in just 3 hours yes!

Here is our website : Amarmn

He is not web designer or developer, he is SAP consultant but he knows almost all the technologies even Android app development and Google Adwords too!!!

As he provides online SAP UI5 and Fiori training, he has created his own website. I have assisted him (proud moment) :)

If you are looking for a stable career that is least affected by the frequent slow down in software domain then probably you have to go for SAP UI5 and FIORI Training. You can learn and master this language and be confident of a bright future that SAP will bring in your life.

What are you waiting for? schedule the demo right now! here

I am a Foodie and Here is My Beautiful Food!

#100HappyDays- #Day3-I am a Foodie and Here is My Beautiful Food!

When I have food on my mind, it is hard for me to work on anything. I feel like eating something different and delicious everyday! Additionally, eating good food for my and my family health is not difficult when I plan in advance. So, this is what we ate on Sunday, 17th April

Pyaz Paratha or Onion Paratha for breakfast

Had simple lunch as I planned to have rich dinner. Our lunch was white rice, sambar, papad and achar

At Dinner I have prepared, plain paratha, Dal Makhni and Paneer butter masala. Yey! I love this!!!

I love watching movies at night and that too my favourite movie  Bajirao Mastani, after dinner watched this movie and had some midnight munching too!

I ate butterscotch pastry, baked potato chips and pista cake!

When I have food on my mind, it is hard to work on anything. So, why to bother my gut when I can have food in the best way possible. :)

Lots of LOVE <3
Mamata Patil

Furniture Shopping in Hyderabad

#100HappyDays- #Day2- Furniture Shopping in Hyderabad

Many e-commerce sites like flipkart, amazon, pepperfry online furniture stores provide furniture options with free shipping. I have purchased thousands of times as the furniture gets delivered to my doorsteps without any additional cost. But this time I and my Husband thought of going for a offline furniture shopping in Hyderabad. Many of my friends suggested me to go to Nampally, so we went. I know physical or offline furniture shopping may not provide free door-step delivery but we still wanted to go there.

Our breakfast on Saturday: Masala Dosa, with chutney and Sambar.

It took approx one hour for us to reach Nampally from our place. I must say, I was a hot summer afternoon after all!

I and my husband roamed got down near Nampally railway station and visited all most all furniture shops!!! Must say you get ample of choices with affordable price, which you can never get online.

We were looking for wooden furniture, as it is known for strength and durability. We have visited several shops like Beena furniture, The Green apple, Tarun furniture and finally ended up shopping at Lepakshi, we have ordered two wooden wardrobes and one kitchen unit from them.

Lepakshi furnitures have good collection with quality products at affordable price, they promised to deliver the products within one week, let us see what will happen. I will update and rate them on my upcoming blog!

As I was Saturday, we have visited Hanumanji's temple, which is near to Vinay Iconica Apartment.

Lots of LOVE <3
Mamata Patil

#100HappyDays- #Day1-My Last Day at NanoHealth

When I was joining NanoHealth I thought of long term association with this company, unfortunately for some reasons I left! Time has come to me to move on so with a very heavy heart, 15 April 2016 was my last working day at NanoHealth. It was also the last working day for our company President Col. Sukhinder Choudary.

I have thanked all of my NanoHealth colleagues  for the immense support and cooperation that they all have provided during my time there. I will always remember this Social Enterprise, especially Training Team- Sushma, Gouthami, Jyothsna and Chaitanya, and Executive team, their support and our bonding was the source of strength to me at NanoHealth.
In a lot of different ways, I have experienced their kindness, and helping nature. The guidance I received from them, the encouragement and comfort and above all, the friendship, helped me stay strong all these days at NanoHealth. 

This is what NanoHealth CEO has to say about me and Sukhinder sir. :)

" Mamta Patil: Mamta has been key to our online presence on social media channels. She joined us at the time when we really needed to showcase our work and the impact we are making in people’s life to the world and she has done that excellently well."

This is what NanoHealth Director Ashish Bondia has emailed me :)

"I am writing to wish you the very best in all your future endeavours. 
Though our association was short, I found you to be a joyous presence to be around. I will miss the infectious cheer that you brought to work everyday. 

I am confident that you will continue to do well in your career and your life. Do feel free to reach out if I can help you in any which way, anytime in your life. 

Do stay in touch!"  

I am touched by management's kind words!

Here are last day lunch pics, Gonna miss you all !!!

Lots of LOVE <3
Mamata Patil