Monday, March 30, 2015

Look Up For Optimism

#LookUp For Optimism, Yes, Chocolate, Baby smile, gardening, Long drive, Listening to songs, Painting, Coffee, Outing, Friends circle and my own #house are the simple things, which makes me happy and optimistic anytime and every time!!!

Chocolate: People of all age groups in this universe just love chocolates; chocolates are delicious superb taste and melt in the mouth feel. Chocolates are appealing to the taste buds, which are craving for chocolates to eat. A simple chocolate bar makes me happy. I just love chocolates, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream and all those things which are made up of chocolate.

Baby smile: Giggling baby... oh how I like the sound of that. Feels proud when you make a baby giggle, doesn't it? I just love baby smile and it makes me happy, happier, and happiest and optimistic.
Gardening: You will take pleasure in backyard gardening if you want fresh fruit and veggies at your disposal. There is nothing that tastes better than fresh tomatoes on salad or an entire salad grown from your individual garden. All kinds of knowledge is offered online, in magazines and in gardening books to help you grow a healthy, luscious garden. I love gardening and it makes me happy and optimistic.

Long drive: Have you ever gone for a long drive with your love of life? If your answer is 'Yes', you must know how well and entertaining it is. I love going for a long drive in a rainy day with my love of life. It makes me feel happiest person in the world.

Listening to songs: One of the favorite entertainments for all is listening to songs. It is common hobby for everyone in all over the world. I love silent, romantic, Sufi songs and they are more heard due to its sweetness. Whenever I listen to songs, they make me happy, they bring smile on my face and make me feel confident.

Painting: Painting offer a myriad of benefits and have shown to be successful in a variety of ways accounting to the overall development of the person. Painting is the best way to express my feelings to the world. Painting always makes me happy and makes me find myself in it.

Coffee: Coffee is very healthy and is loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients. Coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of several diseases. Coffee can help people feel less tired and increase energy level. A cup of coffee in a rainy day with some pakodas. A cup of coffee for a stressful day, A cup of coffee to share the success, A cup of coffee to show how happy you are. Yes, A cup of coffee to be happy and optimistic.

Home Sweet Home: There could be hardly any person in this universe that hasn't be happy after reaching own house door steps. My home, my family always make me feel happy and optimistic.

Monday, March 23, 2015

I will FLY, Chase the Wind and TOUCH the SKY!!!

Women have always played an important role in improving the condition of the society. Women is the eye of this world, women is a mother of this world. An educated lady can make the whole family educated, if a man is educated only he is educated. There is a saying in Sanskrit, "Yatra Naryastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devata", it means gods live the place where women are respected and worshiped. But not ninety percent of women arenot even treated as humans in India.

As we all know the right to education is a birth right of every Indian child, but not many girl child are lucky enough to understand this.  I do agree with that, in few cities, we can see almost hundred percent children, boys and girls are getting good education. When it comes to villages, the scenario is still not in an improved condition. Most of the girl child parents are not willing to send their girl child to the school. I belong to such small village in Karnataka, where girls are not sent out side of their houses.

The parents in these kind of  villages prefer to send their boy child to the schools but not the girl child. The social barriers and rigid customs often become a berried to the education of the girl child in these kind of villages.

Moreover, many parents are also not willing to send their girls to a co-educational school. Yes, I completed my education in girls school, girls college!!!. Indian government has introduced many projects to bring the girls to school, latest one from Narendra Modi is Ladki bachao ladki padhao. Government is trying to remove social evils, which prevent education from reaching every door step. A woman plays various roles in her lifetime- daughter, sister, wife and mother. The education and development of children depends much on their parents, especially their mother. Thus it is very important for a girl to be educated. Yes, this is what helped me to perceive higher education. In our village only up to twelth class, we can study for graduation we need to go out from the village to city to continue education. After my twelth I was willing to Start A New Life and perceive degree, that too in biotechnology.

Thanks to my parents for their love and support. They were with me all the time and encouraged me to chase my dreams.

In 2006, I left my village to #StartANewLife, it was not so easy for me especially leaving family and living alone in an unknown city, but not difficult too. It has been nine years I am away from home, but still my parents are so proud about me that I am double degree holder and working in

Thank you Amma and Appa for allowing me to Start A New Life

Friday, March 20, 2015

You and I in this Beautiful World!!!

Every person in this universe have come from different background, different culture and different region. The hand we have been dealt in life has played a huge role in our life and changed our personality and attitude towards it. Many of us might be too happy or too sad because of problems, which we had to face. Problems are just a normal part of life, no matter who your are. I agree, but we (I and my ) started facing from the beginning of our life, at the beginning of our business. Yes, we were running a small business, an educational institute. We were having the best technology, best tutors, best teaching material and the best institute in the town, but still we were unsuccessful!!!

I completely agree with the statement that our attitude towards life is going to decide the outcome of our success, peace and happiness, but after loosing money, not getting success has been completely broke us down! We were completely clue less what to do next.

I and my husband decided to spend some quality time together, on that day we closed our institute and went for an outing. My husband is optimistic and he has not letting those negative thoughts control my attitude. I and my hubby had a big discussion on our business, how to run, how to improve and how to get success in it. After so much of discussion, we realized that our institute rent is eating our profit. My husband has a positive mind and he always look at the brighter side of a situation and never let the problem ruling out hope.

The loss in business made me weaker, it was hard for me to stay strong when stress, money, and work beat me down. My husband is my strength and gave me the vision to look at the better side, believe in the best scenario each day in our life. He told me if we believe nothing will ever get better then it probably never be better. So, be strong and be optimistic.

That day changed my thinking, spending quality time #together made me optimistic, and made to take strong decision. We decided to shut our institute, Yes, shut it down and promote our business online, take classes online and be with technology!!! #together we started taking online classes, and  without spending single rupee we are earning money.

Every person in this world must go through lots of problems in life and much time being negative, but only the positive attitude towards life can only save you. Being optimistic all the aspects of life is difficult but not impossible.  I must thank my husband for making me an optimistic person.

Lots of LOVE <3
Mamata Patil