Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sari-The Ultimate Choice of Millions of Fashion Freaks

Sari, The timeless beauty of Indian Attire. The true culture of Indian saris have tempted the brides from all across the glob to use them as their wedding dress. Despite of its simplicity, saris have the ability to enhance the grace and sensuality of woman in a significant manner. Moreover, sari gives her the look of a perfect diva.

As sping is the wedding season in India, I am suggesting you few sarees for attending the wedding party. Hope you will like it.

Green and Pink Sari for Wedding Party

Red Hot Sari for Wedding Reception

Orange Gold Silk Sari for South Indian Wedding

Red Black Sari For Wedding Reception

So, which one do you prefer for your friends/relatives wedding?

Lots Of LOVE,
Mamata Patil <3


  1. I live in Brazil but If I could pick one, then would be the second one! lovely!

  2. Very cool combos.
    Best wishes,