Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rich Culture and Tradition Comes Alive with Bengali Sari, Know to wear It!!!

When it comes to West Bengal, Bengali people are known for their sophisticated etiquette's and
mostly for their detailed dressing sense. Traditional Bengali saris are the prominent theme for any occasion, from festival to marriages.

Bengali sari is the most mystifying attire. Draping the Bengali sari primarily depend on the fabric
and texture of the fabric. If you are beginner and love to wear Bengali sari means go for soft fabrics like chiffon, net, Georgette and crepe.

In this blog post I am giving you simple ways to drape Bengali sari.

• If you are new beginner, start with a synthetic sari, as it is easy to drape and feels comfortable to wear.

• Wear matching and correct size petticoat. Properly hold the sari, like fall of the sari facing towards you.

• Now wrap the sari around your waist once and tuck it inside. The pallu of the sari must be outside (Pallu –decorated side of the sari)

• Once more you wrap the sari around you but do not tuck it in for the second time.

• Take the remaining sari from front side so that it crossed the folds in the front. Now, take it towards the back, on the right side and tuck in midriff.

• Take pallu of your sari and drape it comfortably. Make clean plates and pin it with your blouse on the shoulder. The border of the sari should hand down to the left side of your knee.

• Now, this is the main step to drape the Bengali saree. Take bunch of keys and tie a knot with the key ring to the corner of a pullu. Take the pallu corner to which the keys are attached. Take it from underneath your right hand and then, let the pallu fall along your right shoulder to your back.

And this is the typical way to wear a Bengali sari.

Lots Of LOVE <3
Mamata Patil

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