Wednesday, February 10, 2016

#Impact of VG Women's College in My Life!

#Impact of VG Women's College in My Life!

Till now I have studied in two schools and three colleges, and learnt tons of really useful stuff, which makes my personal life and professional life much easier. But personally I feel glad to be a part of Smt Veeramma Gangasiri College for women, which is commonly popular as VG Womens College.

In Smt Veeramma Gangasiri College for women, I learnt so many things and missed few things too! What I missed in VG Womens college life was a computer and MS Office. I am always with the technology. I started my career at the age of 16 as a story writer in a local news paper, when I was 19, I was in local news channel as a news reader, at 20 I was a RJ, and at the age of 21 I was in State News Channel!!. I always wanted to grow with the technology, that’s why today I am in online media!

(Image Source-VG College)

But what I badly missed in a college was a computer and internet! As I was studying biotechnology, it was very important for me to be with the updated information, but unfortunately I could not offered a computer. Moreover, in 2009 for one hour internet used to cost 25 RS. That’s why only on weekends, I was supposed to use the internet and that too in a cyber cafes.

I studied in a V.G.Women’s College in Gulbarga, one of the best colleges for girls, I must say. My lectures helped all of us to grow in many ways, I thank my dad for allowing me to go for such a wonderful college and I am proud to be called as VG GIRL! As our college truly believed on women empowerment, they always gave us a change to participate in many competitions, including nation level biotech, nanotech conferences. I was quite challenging, but I was interested. I won a competition in university level and got wonderful opportunity to represent not only my college, but also women’s university in South Zone competition in Calicut University Kerala. For me it was challenging, and I was supposed to present my nanotech research paper with the presentation, but I was not having computer, I went to a cyber zone to prepare a PowerPoint presentation. Honestly speaking, that idiot charged 10RS for one SLIDE!! I was not having any other option rather than giving it to him! Till today I regret for that!

As I used to participate in many competitions, computer and a MS PowerPoint was the basic necessity during my college days but I always missed that! Today I have my own laptop, and I create so many wonderful presentations for my clients and I am proud that I learnt it.
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