Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#Impact of NanoHealth in My Life!!!

NanoHealth, Preventing Pre-mature Deaths.

#Impact of NanoHealth in My Life!!!

In this digital era Chronic Diseases have become a terrifying subject for all ages and classes of people. Study says that, One in every four people living in a slum is either a diabetic or has Cardio-vascular condition and does not know about it. Two out of every three deaths that occur today across the world, is because of chronic disease such as Diabetes and Hypertension.

Before knowing about NanoHealth, I was not so worried about Chronic diseases. To me, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure were like very common disease and never ever imagined, they can be silent killers!

Do you know? More than 40% of people around the world suffer from one or more chronic health conditions such as Diabetes/Hypertension or Asthma resulting immense loss of productivity and innumerable premature deaths every year.

Now, if you ask me what are these chronic diseases? Chronic disease are long lasting diseases. They can be controlled, but not cured. Just think, if a person is suffering from a disease since a certain period of his life, and does not know about this. Definitely it can be dangerous for his life. The disease can damage him very slowly and silently and one day it can absolutely finish him!!!.

As we all know the most common Chronic diseases are diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, asthma, congestive heart failure, arthritis, cancer, hepatitis, obesity, osteoporosis, and depression etc.. The Chronic disease can be dangerous if it is kept unattended.

NanoHealth is a perfect place where one can get all the necessary information about the chronic diseases and the expert doctors network. NanoHealth has the community health workers called Saathis. 

These Saathis will help the people to identify the effect of the disease, and the control procedure of the disease. Saathis will help patients to take preventive steps before the disease become malignant.

NanoHealth increases the concern of the urban slum people about the management of chronic disease. While their NanoSafe plan triggering the factors always keep it in their mind that how the people could get the right information about the Chronic diseases.

NanoSafe plan has the proper noted for chronic diabetes and hypertension management. NanoHealth Saathis and doctors network will no doubt help the people lead a better life.

With the help of DOC-IN-A-BAG tool, the Saathi risk profiles patients for chronic diseases in a screening camp and guides them to a qualified  doctor in the vicinity for RIGHT treatment. After getting the right prescription from the doctor, compliance is ensured by NanoHealth’s NanoSafe plan.

(All Image source- NanoHealth)

Using innovative technology and a personal touch  of NANOSAFE plan, NanoHeath patients  get doorstep diagnostics, periodic counseling and monitoring. The entire journey is captured in an electronic personal health records. The NanoSafe Plan  helps in reducing overall medical costs by more than 50% and improves healthy life.

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