Friday, January 22, 2016

Impact of NanoHealth in Nagaraja Rao’s Life!!!

I am Nagaraja Rao, I am 58 years old, retired from private sector employment last year. I have Diabetes for the last 10 years. My wife, Jayalaxmi is also Diabetic, diagnosed 3 years ago. We live in Borabanda.

Few months ago, we heard from a neighbour that NanoHealth has started operations in our area. We had read about the company and its good work from the papers, so we were happy to welcome Jyotsna, the NanoHealth Saathi in our area, when she came home for the initial screening.

We went through the blood sugar tests that Jyotsna did at home for us. We were shocked to find out that though my Diabetes was under control, Jaya had very high blood sugar! We panicked. Well, it was probably because we had not been regular with our diet. May be we had not taken all  medicines. Yes, we had also not seen our doctor for quite some time. The problem with the doctor was that he was rarely available and we had to wait for a long time in his clinic before it would be our turn. We did not know any other doctors in the neighbourhood.

But really why us? Why should we be suffering so much in our old age! We were aghast. But having Jyotsna by our side really helped. The one sentence which Jyotsna said to me I will never forget: “Change your lifestyle Sir!”. I knew what that meant!

                                                (Image source- NanoHealth)

Jyotsna suggested that we go for another test next morning, and then she would suggest a good doctor in the neighbourhood.

With the results of these tests, Jyothsna took us to a doctor in the locality, Dr Uday Kiran. We hardly had to wait there as the doctor knew Jyothsna well. The doctor was very comforting and changed the medicines for both me and my wife. He counselled us on the lifestyle changes that we needed to make including diet and exercise.

What is more, we got a discount from the doctor on his consultation fees and from the pharmacy as well, both because we were now NanoHealth patients.

We both enrolled ourselves for the NanoSafe plan. As part of the plan, Jyothsna comes to our house every month. She records our blood pressure and blood sugar and compares this with the trend over the last few months. We also get a pill box and calendars to track our regular medicines intake.

Steadily we saw, Jaya’s sugar come under control. Through Jyothsna’s counselling we are also more aware about the disease and its effects. And we can now take control of our health better.
For all other patients I have a simple message : It is natural to feel scared when you are first diagnosed with Diabetes, but try to embrace this challenge. Getting screened and treated early will help you control the progress of the disease. And a service like NanoHealth can help you better take control of your own body and health.

This is what the impact of NanoHealth in my life!!!

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