Friday, January 22, 2016

Bangle- It's #Fantastico

The clinking in her wrist dwells until the beating of her man’s heart. They are the circles of light tinted like those colours of rainbow, called BANGLESBangles are the joy of women that personifies them. It is a pleasure sound of togetherness for a women married.

        A bangle is a word derived from BUNGRI in Hindi. They are bands in circular shape worn around the arm or wrist for decoration. They are not flexible like bracelets. They are a whim to one’s hand.

       Bangles are considered as jewellery being a part of Indian tradition. For distinct occasions different bangles are used from metals to lac, glass to jade, rubber and plastic. Hyderabad and Pakistan are the world’s largest producers of this bewitching one. Materials like gold, silver, copper, wood, plastic, glass and ferrous metals are used. To make these look charming arti facts, paintings, embroidery and small hangings are done. Also a wide range like intricate handmade designs which includes studding with precious and semi-precious diamonds, gems, pearls are added. Clay material bangles called lac are the oldest, while rubber and plastic gives a trendy look when teens wear in their wrist now a day.  The value of a bangle depends on the rareness of a colour and its uniqueness. In contrast men also sometimes wear single ones called KADA or KARE.

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 Bangle- It's Fantastico. Yes! Bangle plays a significant role in Hindu traditions. It is observed that when a woman is bear armed without these bright bangles, and then it is to be considered as inauspicious for a married woman. It is a custom for a new bride among the South Asian women to wear glass bangles at her wedding and at the honeymoon. And then when the last bangle breaks, it portends the end of honeymoon. The absence of these bangles represents the state of melancholy of a woman while she enumerates the relationship that she used to share with her man.

                CHURA in Nepali, CHURI in Bengali, VALAIGHAL in Tamil, and GAJULU in Telugu are the words used for bangles in various languages, which is a traditional ornament and adds a fancy to the modern trends recently. Its wide designed range gives in numerous opportunities to choose among the alternatives for a women’s matching courtesy. A collection of antiquity bangles in a frame is an affordable luxury, which includes relieving plainness to their dressings’. There is always compassion for bangles which also depicts the culture. These win some bangles are like the dancing of the peacock with his coloured feathers opened. By interfering, Bangles have evolved a long way particularly at the South Asia and Arabian Peninsula, giving various types in shape, designs and colours summing up merit to the precious collections of ornaments by women. For whom jingling sound mesmerises and includes the elegance for her!
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