Friday, March 20, 2015

You and I in this Beautiful World!!!

Every person in this universe have come from different background, different culture and different region. The hand we have been dealt in life has played a huge role in our life and changed our personality and attitude towards it. Many of us might be too happy or too sad because of problems, which we had to face. Problems are just a normal part of life, no matter who your are. I agree, but we (I and my ) started facing from the beginning of our life, at the beginning of our business. Yes, we were running a small business, an educational institute. We were having the best technology, best tutors, best teaching material and the best institute in the town, but still we were unsuccessful!!!

I completely agree with the statement that our attitude towards life is going to decide the outcome of our success, peace and happiness, but after loosing money, not getting success has been completely broke us down! We were completely clue less what to do next.

I and my husband decided to spend some quality time together, on that day we closed our institute and went for an outing. My husband is optimistic and he has not letting those negative thoughts control my attitude. I and my hubby had a big discussion on our business, how to run, how to improve and how to get success in it. After so much of discussion, we realized that our institute rent is eating our profit. My husband has a positive mind and he always look at the brighter side of a situation and never let the problem ruling out hope.

The loss in business made me weaker, it was hard for me to stay strong when stress, money, and work beat me down. My husband is my strength and gave me the vision to look at the better side, believe in the best scenario each day in our life. He told me if we believe nothing will ever get better then it probably never be better. So, be strong and be optimistic.

That day changed my thinking, spending quality time #together made me optimistic, and made to take strong decision. We decided to shut our institute, Yes, shut it down and promote our business online, take classes online and be with technology!!! #together we started taking online classes, and  without spending single rupee we are earning money.

Every person in this world must go through lots of problems in life and much time being negative, but only the positive attitude towards life can only save you. Being optimistic all the aspects of life is difficult but not impossible.  I must thank my husband for making me an optimistic person.

Lots of LOVE <3
Mamata Patil

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