Monday, January 19, 2015

Enjoy The Tasty Delights of Quality Meals With Food Panda

It was a stressful day and I asked my husband to take me out for the dinner, my husband was not in a mood to go out of our home due to tiredness. My husband has a solution for this. We planned to order our dinner from Foodpanda.  They have more than thousand restaurants to choose the food from. Food descriptions for all the restaurants are properly mentioned. 

Finally, we chose Pind Balluchi. We have ordered KADHAI PANEER, SUBZ BIRYANI, BUTTER NAAN, GAJAR KA HALWA and BUTTER ROTI. And did the online payment. Food panda has all the payment options, one can do the cash on delivery too.

As they promised, they have delivered our dinner on time. Yippee!!! 

The food was awesomely delicious with right temperature. 

The packaging of the food was also evenly attractive. I and my husband just enjoyed our dinner by ordering from food panda. My hubby was happy and me too.

Food Panda saved our lot of time, hassle and money. Thank You!

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