Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Baby’s Birthday With eBay in 2030!!!

3th March 2030,
Night 11.45 pm,
Me: O my Goodness!!! How can I forget this day!? Today is my baby “Tiklu” going to turn 13 and I have forgotten his B’day!!! How can I be so stupid!!! Ok no worries, I still have a time, let me order it from eBay

--------After 5 Minutes------------

Our house door is showing the video, and there is a ROBOT, It has delivered the cake on time. Great!

Exactly at 12 pm. Happy B’day to you…. Happy B’day to you…happy b’day happy b’day.....After listing to the B’day song, my hubby realized it’s our son’s B’day today and came out to join us. He is struggling with his latest Apple iPhone 105 to order some gift for “Tiklu”!!!

No sooner I completed my B’day song, the gift arrived from eBay!!! 

Tiklu: Amma, you know I don’t like chocolate cake how can you do like this?

Me: What? Till yesterday Chocolate was your favorite!!!

Tiklu: Till yesterday!!! Today I turned 13, I am teenager, A teenager who can vote for the country, A teenager who can marry, A teenager….

Me: Enough enough… Ok let me order some other flavor cake for you..
Tiklu: Robotikak will sound good!
Me: Ok baby!!!

Morning 8 am,

Tiklu: Mom, where is my coffee? Did you order it from eBay or not?

Me: You turned 13, still can’t you order your coffee by your own?

Tiklu: I might be 13, but am I not still baby for you?

Me:(  Emotionally) Yes, baby..You are still my kiddo..:-)

My husband still struggling with his iPhone105 to read news paper and to order the coffee.

Morning 9 am,

Me: Tiklu, did you order your study materials from eBay?

Tiklu: Yes Amma, but I dint receive it yet!!

Me: What? What do you mean you dint receive it yet? Where did you order?

Tiklu: eBay

Me: I don’t believe this!!! Show me your Purchase history!!

Tiklu: Whats the big deal, I will order it now

Me: It means you dint order!!!

Tiklu: Don’t eat my head now; I have a class from Prof Rajanikant, he can be online at any moment.

Me: Ok Ok.. First order your study tabs, digital books right now and don’t forget to have your breakfast. I did a special order for your B’day.

Tiklu: Okies.

Afternoon 3pm:
Me: Sunte ho?? (Are you listening?)

Hubby: Bolona (Yes, tell me)

Me: Today is Tiklu’s B’day

Hubby: Yes, I know, I don’t have that weak memory to forget. Tell me whats the matter.

Me: How about party?

Hubby: I have already invited everyone on Google Jumpout, sharply at 7pm. and arranged everything on eBay. 

Me: What? You ordered it? What did you order? I know you will ruin the party!!!

Hubby: Every time you doubt on me. Look at my Purchase order.
See, I have ordered 4 Singing Robots,4 Dancing Robots, 16 Robo Servants and 5 Robo Chefs to organize the party. 

 Me: I knew, I knew you will mess up everything. Did you order tissues? No na. Order it right now and add a reminder in robos setting that, they should not miss a single thing to serve to the guest. Ha, forgot to tell, why don’t you sell your old iPhones, mac books and old robos on eBay? And Get a wonderful diamond necklace for me from that money. I will wear it for the party.

Hubby: Ok Ok. 

Me: O my God, so many things to do. I still need to buy my party dress from eBay. 

Hubby: How about my dress?

Me: Dress? For you? Why don’t you wear last B’day dress? Anyhow nobody is going to look at you. Moreover, I will tell the robos only to cover your face on Jumpout!!! First order a good dress for “Tiklu” from eBay right now; he might be finishing his class.

Hubby: :-( OK..!

Night 11 pm:

Tiklu: Thanks Amma and Pappa for a wonderful party. All my friends just loved it like hell.

Me: This is all for you Beta

Hubby: Still Struggling with his iPhone 105.

Tiklu’s friend Online: Hey “T”, I have just received your return gift from eBay, it’s just awesome J Thanks for inviting me for the party, Enjoyed a lot.

Tiklu hugged my hubby and said thanks Pa …

Me: Did you see Mrs Gupta on Jampout? She was wearing Bakwas (worst) dress and even Mrs Sharm. I guess I am the one who is in trend. Isn’t it?

Hubby: Yes yess…

Me: Thank you for doing everything in a Short time.. Love you :-)

Hubby: Not me, to eBay you must thank for organizing and delivering everything in seconds.

 Me: Yes, we must say thanks. Thank you eBay.

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  2. Solid post. This is an amzing post. I have not read something this good in many many years before. Amazing work.

    1. Thank you so much :-) I am glad that you liked it :-)

  3. In 2030, The world is going to be faster that we imagine now. And by the way, why do you think iPhone 105 will still give troubles to its users? :)

    1. No idea why I always feel that iPhones are not user friendly :-P

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