Monday, September 30, 2013

I am Explored To The Land, Where Air Is Sold in Bottles!!!

It was Friday, black Friday; I woke up at 10 am, nothing to do!!! I just clicked my easy bed button, bed was folded automatically!!! There was nothing to do, As my online classes were got over. I was planning to go to Venus to spend my holidays, then realized, I can even create Venus in my bedroom, so why to go?

There was nothing to do!!! Not getting how to kill the time. My phone beeped, I just clicked the mobile keypad to see the text message, my door opened and there was my air bottle for this week. 

This is THNEEDVILLE-Fantastic! Made of Plastic. 

Yes, the entire city was made up of plastic, there was no trace of water at all. If you want to have a glass of water? Buy it, want to have air? Buy it! Want to have Food, Buy it. There will be a regular supply of everything at your door step. But I was still wondering, where those days have gone? Is this because of Industrialization? Global warming? No idea, I was still not getting.  

There was nothing to do, want to do gardening? Just blow the air into balloon, now you will have a wonderful “Artificial Garden”. 

Bored of Gardening? Then go for fishing, there is an artificial fish pond too..

how many fishes do you need? 10, 20? They will set according to your wish!!! 

Was I dreaming? No, I was just explored to Future. Yes, Our Future, our kids Future!!!

.  This post is the part of Indiblogger's 'Iam Explorer' Contest.

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