Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Interview – An Opportunity

The word “Interview” brings so many opportunities with it. For people it brings stress and fear of rejection too. But, before giving interview only if you start thinking negatively, the chances are there, where you may end up with a negative result!!! So, one must be always positive, when you get the call from job portals like

Once you get the call for interview, calm down and focus on what to do and not to do while appearing for an interview. Before going to interview, develop questions based on the behavioral interview style of questioning. You may face the questions, which will almost guarantee that you get a deeper sense of your job applicant’s qualification.

When interviewer asks you questions, listen carefully to the information, which is shared by them and think, and give answers according to their questions. Most importantly, Be confident about whatever you are telling.


Dress Your Best When Interviewing. Yes, be sure that you are properly dressed for an interview. You may not believe, but your dressing sense makes you feel confident. So, it is best to wear smart wear for any interview. If you are a guy, you can go for suit, formal shirt and trousers. For girls, Salwar Kameez, Indian formals or western formals looks good. Make sure that you are properly groomed, as employers really take notes on how you carry yourself. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to thank interviewer for carry out the interview. If you follow all these tips, which are mentioned in my blog, then Interview becomes an opportunity for you, not at all a stress.
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