Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I tell, You tell, No one is faster than Airtel!!!

In this digital era internet has become the integral part of everyone's life. It is the most outstanding innovation in the field of communication, and we are connected to it with each other with inter-net from internally also. Lot of us already know the pain, how it feels when your internet is very slow. Applications take forever to download, YouTube videos just will not appear to load, online order is simply too slow to even consider!! Yes, I can understand that pain :(
When I come to know about Airtel is now in 4G, I was on cloud nine, because Airtel has always offered various internet services, which are always helpful for their customers to stay online all the day and all the night.
As soon as I come to know about #Airtel4GSpeed, I tweeted
@airtelindia #Airtel4GSpeedTest whatsapp, you will not believe only in fraction of seconds I can download whatsapp!!! Yes, true.!!!!
The time taken to download from 3G is 1 minute 57 seconds, and 2G is 73 minutes and 20 seconds (Forget about it!!!) but, but it will take only, not even half second, just 18 seconds to download your favorite app!!! Great isn't it???

This high speed 4G internet service will never make you disconnected from your near and dear ones. If you are in a holiday or you are on your way and your near and dear ones want to see you then do not worry, this 4G Airtel internet service works wonder for you, and will never ever let you down. No matter wherever you are you can easily, quickly can make video calls to your close ones. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy this high speed 4G connection and enjoy the speed and power of the internet. Let us scream, I tell, You tell, no one is faster than Airtel!!!

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