Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Infinite Joy of Online Shopping With Part-2

Hello Guys, 

Hope you read my previous review 

Remember? I have placed the order for Stretch Metal belt with studded flower buckle. Limeroad delivered it on the very next day. 

I must say, the belt is just wonderful, truly in love with it. I strongly recommend you to go for it!!! I must appreciate the packing too :)  Just have a look

Wow, look at the belt, just wonderful. You can use this belt for dresses as well as sarees too, as it will give a very traditional look. Can't wait to wear it on saree :), you truly rock, what do you say?

My rating : 5/5 (Yes, yes- It is that great)

Buy this here
Do wait for my another review, coming up soon :)

Lots of Love <3
Mamata Patil

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