Sunday, July 10, 2016

Catch-up on lost growth with Horlicks Growth+

Good, health nutrition food is one of the most important aspects of babies and children health. Whatever food, health drink we give it to our children, it must have a significant benefit and quality healthy food.  In this digital era many mothers prefer formula feeding than the breast feeding. 
Everyone knows that breast milk is the best thing for babies to consume, but due to some circumstances young mothers go for formula feeding. Formula feeding will also offer a nutritionally adequate substitute but it may not give the immunity as it is provided by breast milk. In future it may affect children’s growth or the immune system.

Even the researchers say that babies, who are exposed to formula feeding, are at the greater risk of developing health problems related to their immune system such as allergies and asthma, and this will for sure effect child’s growth. The best solution for this is, if you have given your child a formula feeding then no need to worry, give your child Horlicks Growth+ now, if he or she is a toddler and turned three years.

Horlicks Growth+ is designed by international paediatric experts. It is rich in all the nutrition, and will help your child to gain the right height and weight. This specialized nutrition product can help children in age group of 3-9 years, and will give the right height and weight according to their age. Horlicks Growth+ is rich in high quality protein with added nutrients. This will enable your weak children to catch up on their lost growth. It is proven clinically that, it will give visible growth in children in just six months.

You may think why Horlicks Growth+ and milk, why not only milk? For your kind information, milk is complete food, agreed but milk is a poor source of certain nutrients such as iron and iron is necessary to build immunity.  That is the reason, add Horlicks Growth+ in your milk to build better immune system in your children.

As many parents probably aware of the fact that full cream milk is recommended, which is around 4% fat for toddler, because it is an important source of the fats needed for growth and development for your child. If your child is not linking the full cream milk, you can switch to low fat milk with Horlicks Growth+. Because it is important to consider the individual nutritional needs of your child and Horlicks Growth+ gives the complete nutrition to your child.

Many parents think as a general rule of thumb, plain full cream or low fat milk is the best choice for their children, but it is not true. Many times many children either cannot tolerate milk or simply they do not like the taste of milk. In that case you can add Horlicks Growth+ to your milk to make it healthy and tasty. This will give your child who is in between 3 to 9 years a complete growth and will help in regaining the right height and weight with respect to their age. 

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